Our Services



•   Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, STP/WTP/RO plants

•   Safety systems including all Hydrant, Sprinkler, Jockey, booster, DG pumps     and all the associated accessories, Integrated Building Management                  Systems CCTV, Door access control, Bio-metric systems

•   Civil, Marble and Painting works

•   Cubicle Partition works

•   Renovation Works

•   Deep cleaning of new flat, grouting works, finishing works, touch up works

Soft Services

•   Housekeeping and Janitorial Services

•   Space / Event / Mail Room / Pantry / Travel desk / Guest relation       Management

•   Front Office Management

•   Pest Control (General disinfection / Fumigation / Rodent Control)

•   Indoor plants and Landscaping management

Operations and Maintenance (including AMC’s)

We offer a full range of services with respect to Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Works with full clarity with most efficient and supply and installations.

•   Transformer / DG / UPS / HVAC Systems Elevators

•    STP/ ETP / RO Plants

•   Types of Electrical pumps and accessories

Fire Safety Services

Our safety services include different categories of fire prevention and medical aid, and alarm systems can be installed to detect a fire source and modern extinguishing technology can be used to minimize damage.

All Fire Fighting Equipment’s

•    Management [CCTV / Door Access Control ]

•   Fire Alarm systems and Public Address Systems

•   All type of Fire Extinguishers.

CEIG related supports

We are here to provide a full security to you With full Protection and We ensures that we make our work with functionate and passion.

•   Co-ordination with the CEIG

•   Earth pit testing / conditioning / re-vamping

•   Transformer oil filtration /Thermography

•   Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality checks

•   Stack monitoring

Food and Bevarages

Food and beverage service is part of the service-oriented hospitality sector in Service. Can be a part of a large hotel or tourism business and it can also be run as an independent business.

•    for Coffee / Tea counters

•   Consultancy for Juice Counters

•   Consultancy for Food Counters (including Breakfast / Lunch / Dinners [with      or without kitchen services])